Eat Cadmium-free!

Is McDonald’s really where you want your kids to eat?  Now there is a recall on their Shrek cups as they contain the heavy metal cadmium.  Why worry about cadmium?  Well, the two big problems are lung cancer and kidney damage.  Who knows how it impacts the developing brain in children.  Since cadmium is considered a cancer-causing agent, children should not be exposed to this toxin at any level.  And if someone tries to tell you that a little bit is ok for kids, don’t believe it.  Your kids do not need to be exposed to poisons that we know cause disease.  Instead of McDonald’s plan a picnic with your kids. Take them to the grocery store to help with the menu and help them prepare the food.  Then go to a park, enjoy lunch and let the kids run around cadmium-free!  –  Chris Marchioni, MD