Message to Mom from the Other Side

by Chris Marchioni, MD, an admirer of Moms

707Thank you for giving me a baby brother
When I asked for a baby doll.
You taught me that people are more precious than toys.

Thank you for encouraging me to work harder
Rather than showering me with praise.
You taught me that praise lives within my own soul.

Thank you for feeding others
Even when our table was bare.
You taught me helping others is more powerful than accumulating wealth.

Thank you for watching me struggle with problems
Rather than running to my rescue.
By letting me practice, I grew the confidence and courage to face challenges.

Thank you for granting me the privilege
To make my own mistakes.
Now, I have control over my destiny even during recovery from failure.

Thank you for trusting me to cook, clean, and sew
At the age of 5.
You taught me skills that I mastered, enjoy, and use all my life.

Thank you for ignoring the popular trends,
Social media, and latest gossip.
You taught me to use my brain and my heart to find my own brand of happiness.

Thank you for caring about our family, neighbors,
Friends, country, and especially our Earth.
You showed me that each one of us has the power to make this world a better place.

Thank you for teaching me how to work hard
Even when I thought I reached my limits.
You taught me that working hard is something to never take for granted.  Now, I understand that the best things in life are not what you are given, but what you earn.

Thank you for showing me how to laugh and appreciate humor
Even during the most challenging of times.
You taught me not to take myself or my problems too seriously.

Thank you for sharing love not through toys, games, and material things,
But through stories, family meals and traditions, going without comforts,
And putting others first even under criticism.
You taught me compassion, independence, and how to carry a gentle strength that serves as my life compass.